Role Staff Member
Mrs Lisa Gerrard
Acting Assistant Principal Mr Anthony Kensell 
Religious Education Co-ordinator Mrs Mary Elliott
Acting Religious Education Co-ordinator Mrs Corinne Brooker (Term 1 and 2)
Acting Leader of Learning Mrs Leanne Cakmakci
Kindergarten Teacher Mrs Maria Sadler
Year 1 Teacher Mrs Angelina Femia
Year 2 Teachers Mrs Stephanie Bonora (Mon, Tues, Wed) & Mrs Carly Lake (Th & Fri)
Year 3 Teachers Mrs Leanne Cakmakci & Mrs Louise Williams (Th)
Year 4 Teacher Miss Simone Farago
Year 5 Teachers Mrs Linda McLelland (Term 1 and 2 ) & Mr Anthony Kensell (Term 3 and 4)
Year 6 Teachers Term 1 and 2: Mrs Corinne Brooker & Mrs Kerrie Kavanagh (Fridays)
Term 3 and 4: Mrs Mary Elliott & Mrs Kerrie Kavanagh (Fridays)
Learning Support Mrs Mary Hines (Mon-Wed)
Release from Face to Face Mrs Catherine Gillies (W & Th) & Mrs Halina Levenets (W, Th & F)
Executive Release Mrs Louise Williams (Thursdays) & Mrs Kerrie Kavanagh (Fridays)
Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU - Year 1) Mr Anthony Kensell
Reading Recovery (Year 1) Mrs Angelina Femia
Language Teacher Ms Kiyoka Kubo
School Counsellor Mrs Jeanette Mansour
School Support Officers Mrs Hala Haddad & Mrs Emma Sidoti
Teachers' Aides Mrs Kaye Onorato, Mrs Carol Hanna & Mrs Jennifer Arthur
Grounds & Maintenance Mr Ben Gately
IT Trainee Mr Bryce Sayer

If you need to speak to a member of staff, please feel free to contact St Bernadette’s Primary Dundas Valley between 8:30am and 3:30pm by phone or by email.

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