Role Staff Member
Mrs Mary Ann Gatt-Petrini
Assistant Principal Mrs Lisa Gerrard
Religious Education
Mrs Mary Elliot
Co-ordinator Mr Anthony Kensell
Kindergarten Mrs Maria Sadler
Year 1 Mrs Mary Elliot  
Mrs Linda Zammit (Thursday)
Year 2 Mrs Angela Femia
Year 3 Mrs Stephanie Bonora (Mon, Tue, Wed)
Mrs Carly Lake (Thur, Fri)
Year 4 Mrs Leanne Cakmakci
Mrs Anna Beard
Mrs Lisa Gerrard
Year 5 Mr Anthony Kensell
Mrs Kerrie Kavanagh (Friday)
Year 6 Miss Simone Farago
Teacher Librarian Mrs Halina Levenets
Learning Support Teacher Mrs Mary Hines
Literacy Support Teachers Mrs Lisa Gerrard
Mrs Halina Levenets
Numeracy Support Teachers Mr Anthony Kensell
Mrs Leanne Cakmakci
Music/Drama/PDH Mrs Kerrie Kavanagh (Thursday)
Mrs Linda Zammit (Friday)
Computer Technology Teacher Mrs Halina Levenets (Thursday, Friday)
Learning Technology Support Teacher Mrs Halina Levenets
Teacher Assistants
Mrs Elizabeth Friend
Mrs Carol Hanna
Mrs Kay Onorato
Italian (Co-As-It, Italian Assoc) Mrs Anna Severino
Office Staff Mrs Hala Haddad Financial Secretary (Monday-Friday)
Mrs Suzy Vera Administration (Tuesday-Thursday)
Technical Support Mr Matthew Tindiglia (Tuesday, Friday)
School Counsellor
Mrs Jeanette Mansour
Maintenance Mr Frank Pagano

If you need to speak to a member of staff, please feel free to contact St Bernadette’s Primary Dundas Valley between 8:30am and 3:30pm by phone or by email.