Cumberland Zone Carnival

On Tuesday 5th August, St Bernadette’s took a squad of 29 children to the Cumberland Zone Carnival,
held at Blacktown Olympic Park. We were blessed with a beautiful day on which to watch a
truly outstanding performance from our children!

All children performed very well and in excellent spirit. Congratulations to our competitors:

Jayden B, Takoda C, Nina C,  Jack G, Sophia J, Annabel N, Raphaella P,
Anthony P, Gabrielle R, Isabella S, Travis V, Eoin W, Joey A.

An incredible 17 children have progressed to the next level and will represent us
at the Diocesan Carnival on Friday 22nd August.

Congratulations to Our Diocesan Representatives:
Tahlia F (1st 100m, 1st 200m, 1st Long Jump, 3rd Discus)
Imogen H (1st 800m, 1st Discus, 1st Shot-put)
Daniel M (1st Discus, 1st Shot-put, 4th Long Jump)
Shannon V (2nd 100m, 2nd Long Jump)
Ethan H (2nd Discus, 4th Long Jump)
Azalliyah J (1st 100m)
Alana S ( 1st Discus)
Ariane N (2nd 100m)
Hailey T (3rd Long Jump)
George E (3rd Long Jump)
Thomas R (3rd Discus)
Matt D (4th 800m)
Sean D (4th Shot-put)
Junior Girls Relay, 4th place: (Hailey T, Alana S, Sarah M, Ariane N)
Senior Girls Relay, 3rd place: (Tahlia F, Sophie N, Imogen H, Shay J)
Senior Boys Relay, 2nd place: (Shannon V, Daniel M, Thomas R, Hunter M)

Special mention goes to Imogen H who broke the zone record for discus with a mighty throw of 23.05m!

Thank you to our parents who were came to cheer on our great team.
Special thanks go to those parents who generously offered to drive children to the carnival,
as well as those who filled a job on the day.

What an amazing success! We look forward to more great news after the Diocesan Carnival.