Geoff Lee State MP for Parramatta visits Year 5 and Year 6

On Wednesday 28th May, Geoff Lee the State Member of Parliament for Parramatta came in to talk to Year 5 and Year 6 about what his role is, what he enjoys doing in his job and we asked lots of questions. There were many questions asked such as “Have you ever met the prime minister”? ‘Have you ever been to the Parliament House in Canberra”? Geoff Lee is very grateful for his job. Before he went into politics he was a teacher. His main goal is to make our local area a better place. 
Ella B - Year 6.

On Wednesday Geoff Lee, a Member of Parliament came to our school and talked to us. He answered questions like “What party are you in”? and “Do you get recognised by the paparazzi”? He use to be a school teacher and he would still be if he wasn’t in this job. He loves his job and wants this area to be better, with even better education, great hospitals and lots of parks. I think he is a very nice man, 
very friendly and I even got a high-five!
Penny B - Year 6.