Happy Helpers - Manning Foundation

The Manning Foundation’s ‘Happy Helper’ program is up and running. The children will now be able to make small, regular contributions to our local charity, the Manning Foundation, in the form of grocery items.
Every fortnight children may voluntarily contribute a specific grocery item. Names of families making donations will be recorded and each child within that family will receive a reward at the end of the term. 

Manning Foundation Happy Helpers Program. 

The schedule of items for donations: 
Week 1 and 2 - Tinned/can of Baked Beans
Week 3 and 4 - Tinned/can of spaghetti
Week 5 and 6 - Packet of dried penne pasta
Week 7 and 8- Can of chunky soup with meat or chicken
Week 9 and 10 - Packet of plain sweet biscuits

This list is a guide, you can swap these foods around. For example, watch for specials at the shops, if the tinned spaghetti goes on sale feel free to donate tinned spaghetti that week instead of the suggested item. 
Please choose tins of food that do not have dents and show no signs of rust. 
Food to be placed in a plastic bag with students’ name/s. (This is to allow for recording of names for reward at the end of term). Bag with food to be placed in plastic Manning Foundation container located near the steps of the office, in the breezeway.

Donating is optional, just a chance to participate in almsgiving on a regular basis for a local cause. 
Donate once in the term to receive a Happy Helpers reward from the Manning Foundation presented at the end of term.  For siblings, one donation is considered a donation from all siblings.

Any questions or comments please contact Lauren Chehade, Manning Foundation 0451 050 600, 9875 5555 on a Monday or email lauren@manningfoundation.org.au

The Manning Foundation thanks the teachers, parents and children of St Bernadette’s for their ongoing support and involvement in helping our community.