Happy Helper’s Food Donation Program : Term 4

Thank you for making the food donation program last term a success. Just over 500 items were donated by the 56 families who participated. The time, effort and consideration taken by these parents to let their children participate is greatly appreciated.

The Manning Foundation’s volunteers are busy preparing for the Christmas hampers and Christmas party. Food donated this term will be used in the Christmas hampers that are distributed to people in need.

With your donation it allows us to take the money that would have been allocated to purchase the items, to go towards the annual Christmas party we have that allows adults in need enjoy a celebration where they don’t need to worry about who will be paying and what will they be able to afford to eat. These adults are a mix of elderly, disabled, lonely, homeless, sick or just down on their luck. The party is the highlight for many people at what can be an overwhelming and lonely time of the year.

This program is optional and just an opportunity should you wish to participate.
Please place your donation in a plastic bag with your child’s name and class. Each child who donates at least once in the term will receive a reward at the end of the term. For families with more than one child, one item donated is considered a donation from all siblings.

Please see the below suggestions for each week. Feel free to swap items around should an item be on sale during that time.

Week 1 and 2: One litre carton of long life custard
Week 3 and 4: Large packet of chips or corn chips
Week 5 and 6: One packet of mixed soft jube lollies
Week 7 and 8: One tin of canned peaches
Week 9 and 10: One litre carton of full fat long life milk

Items can be donated on any day of the week and need to be placed into the large, marked, plastic container near the office window in the breezeway.

If you or someone you know has contacts to arrange corporate donations that the Manning Foundation could use please contact me. Examples of donations needed are biscuits, chocolates, non-perishable food items, movie tickets, new toys or gift cards at supermarkets or department stores. If you can help I would love to hear from you. Manning Foundation is run 100% by volunteers and receives no government funding.