Role of the SRC Member

Being an S.R.C. member is a big responsibility. In the first week we were placed into four groups to help not only the students but the teachers as well.
Every second Wednesday we all meet in the Year 6 room to discuss what's going to happen over the next fortnight.
Sometimes we have to speak to the students at the Friday assembly about prayer or school rules.
We also set up the chess pieces for the students who want to play chess with each other during lunch time.
At St.Bernadette's we try our best to help each other and if there is a problem on the playground we are only too happy to help. We also do class visits and speak to the students  and tell them that if they have a problem... come to us!
Alisha G

I am in the S.R.C for 2014. This term I am in the Technology group with Gabby and Tom.  We do power points for Assembly and help Mrs Levenets in the library every Thursday lunch time.
Daniel K