St Francis Awards

On Friday 10 October, 2014, a Whole School Mass celebrated the Feast Day of St Francis.
At the end of mass one child from every class received a St Francis award.
Every child voted for the person in their class who most displayed the qualities of St Francis.

Congratulations to these following children for being acknowledged by their peers
as having the qualities of St. Francis:

Dallen J - Kinder
Lily M - Year 1S
Amelia N - Year 1J
Jack G - Year 2
Lisamarie K - Year 3
Erin M - Year 4
Sophie P - Year 5K
Lia C - Year 5S
Daniel K - Year 6

Fr. Benedict led the celebratory Mass and spoke to us of the deep love that St. Francis had for Christ. The recipients of the St. Francis award obviously have Christ in their heart
for it is through their actions and words that these children especially show
that they know and love Jesus.