Year 4 Learning

Our teacher this year is Miss Stacey and we do dance breaks. Our favourite dance is 123 Shake Zumba and Shake Brake. We do Writing and Maths. In Maths we are writing maths problems. We have made mosaic art and bobble heads/people of our faces in Art. We have Crunch n Sip at 10:00am.
Alana and Alice

It's been fun learning about Maths including  12 digit numbers and a game called Beat the Dealer for a warm up. We had gymnastics today and it was very energetic and fun. We are learning about King David and the miracles that Jesus performed. In Art we made face mosaics.
Hailey and Olga

In Integrated we are learning about Buy Me Eat Me. In Maths we are learning subtraction, multiplication and division.  We also have bean learning about Explanations in English.
Anthony and Cooper

I went to the zone swimming carnival. I came last but I got a personal best. In English we are learning about Explanations. 
Daniel and Raph

It is so much fun in Year 4!!! Our teacher is Miss Stacey. We have up to 3 dance breaks per day! We have Creative Arts on Friday and Crunch and Sip at 10:00am every day.
Charlotte and Sophia

Year 4‚Äč have been learning about arrays in Maths. We have found it very easy. We are learning about different instruments in Music. We enjoy being at St Bernadette's.
Elina and Angelique

Nara went to the Zone Swimming Carnival and broke the record in Breast Stroke and went to the next level! Jacinta is doing great in Year Four.
Nara and Jacinta