Year 5 Learning

Year 5 is packed full of homework. But with a new friend it gets a lot more exciting. Our teachers are great and fun. This year it's not two teachers to enjoy, but three.  Year 5 is a lot different and we feel more responsible. New jobs such as bins, bum bags and keeping the teachers up to date with our names. In year 5 there is a lot of WORK to do.
Lia and Isabel

In Year 5 we are all learning about Electricity in Science. We've been learning about electricity since Week 2. We have really enjoyed this topic in Science so far. Let's tell you a little bit about electricity. The first fact is electrons flow from the negative to the positives (when a battery is being used).
Josh and Mark

The start of the year has been a success so far and we have moved up to harder work such as algorithms and BODMAS in Maths, Expos​itions  in English, Gold and Electricity in HSIE.  
Jack and Nick

Year 5 is going very well. This term we are learning  about Gold. The teachers are really nice and helpful. We are having lots of fun in year 5.We really enjoy Sport, Art and Gymnastics. We love learning new interesting things in class.  In Science we are learning about electricity which is really fun. We love learning things in Computers and Music. YAY!!!!!
Alexa and Keira

The best thing in Year 5 is that we have  the biggest room in the school.  Year 5  have jobs that we do for the people who are in the school playground. In Maths we are learning about BODMAS.
Matthew P

We have loved Year 5 so far. We do fun activities such as Maths, English, Health and PDH/PE. Every Thursday we do extra activities like Gym, Music, Computer and Italian lessons. Year 5 is very different to Year 4. We have a change of teachers every year and this year we have Mr Kensell, Miss Stephanie and Miss Carly. Year 1 and Year 5 are a Two-Streamed Class and we are lucky to be together in  Year 5. We encourage more people to come to our school as it is the best we have ever seen.
Marco and Eoin

During sport we have been learning about T Ball, throwing and more.
Jayden and Jude

Year 5, so far is great and ​so much fun. Our first assignment about the Gold Rush is due new week and my group that is Olivia, Keira, Rachael and me are doing ​the role of women and children.  The rest of the class​ are doing lots of different subjects. Our teachers Mr Kensell, Miss Stephanie and Miss Carly are very nice and are helping us  to understand the class work. Today our gymnastic program started and it was fun for everyone. In Maths we are learning about the expanded form of multiplication and place value. In Science we are learning about electricity and in Religion we are learning about people who have dedicated their lives to God.

Year 5 has been good so far. We are doing gymnastics and a project about Gold. We like Year 5 especially our good teachers and friends. In Mathematics we have been doing BODMAS and algorithms. On Thursday or Friday at Sport we have been doing T-all skills.
Alex Sk