Year 6 Learning

Year 6 so far has been really fun mixed in with lots of hard work. We have Miss Kerrie as our teacher, we all really like her a lot. We have our buddies that adore us and look up to us. It has been lots of fun spending time with them and learning more about them.
Isabella and Nicole

Year 6 is awesome, hard, fun and we have such a great teacher to get us ready for high school! At St Bernadette's we come to Learn. Live and Love.  By that we have to follow the school rules:
I am safe
I am a learner and 
I am respectful 
Year 6 try very hard, we are academic and good role models! We also try our hardest to look after our buddies and make sure they are comfortabl‚Äče at St Bernadette's. 
Sophie and Ella

Year 6 has been awesome because of our cute buddies. Josh's buddy is Rick and Hunter's buddy is Brandon. The first game we played with our buddies was called Duck Duck Goose. Ever since then our friendships with our buddies has been very strong, and they trust us.  OUR BUDDIES ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!
Josh and Hunter

Year 6 (and Miss Kerrie) is not as bad as everyone says it (or she) is.
For example, while the work is harder, that also means that it's more interesting and intuitive. We have many interesting subjects to look forward to! Also, we have our new buddies, who are fairly cute, and manageable, thank goodness!
We also have the trip to Canberra to look forward to, as well as our brand new Year 6 shirts!
So in conclusion, Year 6 has been fun... so far!
I enjoy playing with my buddy Jessica. I also enjoy talking and playing with my friends at recess and lunch. My favourite part about being in Year 6 is laughing at Miss Kerrie's jokes and going to computers and music.

We have had a great few weeks being here at St. Bernadette's in Year 6. As an SRC member, I, Imogen, am part of the liturgy group. I, Shay am a new student back from Perth WA. We have had a great time with friends awesome buddies.  
Imogen and Shay

It has been five weeks since the start of Year 6, and as a class, we have settled in quite quickly. But most surprisingly, Miss Kerrie wasn't there for two weeks! We had a blast with Maths lessons (for sure!) and a hilarious time with our buddies. Our buddies are very cute and sporty. They always want to play soccer with our friends.
Fynn and Joseph

I enjoy being in the S.R.C. I am in the technology group with Daniel K and Thomas. I also enjoy playing with my buddy Cleo. My favourite part about being in Year 6 is laughing at Miss Kerrie's jokes.