Girls' Soccer Gala day

On Thursday 26 May, an intrepid team of 13 girls braved the cold and windy conditions to participate in the Annual Stage 3 Girls’ Soccer Gala Day. 

The girls showed wonderful team spirit and played with great sportsmanship at all times.
 After a draw in the first game they went on to remain undefeated throughout the day.
Our girls were overjoyed to be crowned champions of their pool!
Thank you to all of the parents who came to cheer our girls on, with special thanks to those who helped with driving children to and from the venue.

A big thank you goes to Sophie H from the high school, whose expert coaching led our team to victory.

Congratulations to our champions!

Angelina A, Laila A , Angelica C, Charlotte G, Lucy H, Lisamarie K,
 Ella M, Ariane N, Marissa N, Samahra M, Sophia N,
Madeleine R, Alana S,  Alice S, Olga S.

Girls Soccer Gala Day