School Cross Country

Friday 11 March was our school Cross Country.  In spite of dire weather warnings, we were blessed with perfect cloudy running conditions. Our children toiled over the slopes of the Curtis Oval course and gave it their all to the background of the cheering crowds. 

Thank you to the many parents who helped mark off laps and watch the course. Having you there helped keep our children safe and contributed to the success of the day. 

We had many children who were successful in  qualifying for the Diocesan Cross Country, to be held next term at Sydney Motorsport Park. 

Congratulations to our Diocesan Cross Country Squad!

Anthony P, Jean-Paul W, Alana S, Joey A, Ethan H, Ryan E, Jonathan F, Lucy H,
Samahra M, Ariane N, Raphael B, Christian P, Jamie C, Ricardo F, Jack G, Angus M,
 Xavier R, Rorie L, Patrick H, Riley C,  Daniel W, Liam M, Oliver M, Ryan W Olivia N,  
Emily H, Kiara B, Amelia N.

Ryan and Gianluca
Angus and Jamie