St Bernadettes Primary Dundas Valley Newsletters


The fortnightly St Bernadette's Primary School newsletter is a great source of information and assistance for families to stay up-to-date with what is happening at St Bernadette's. It contains important information for the smooth running of your child's week.

Our newsletter is emailed every Thursday to all the parent newsletter subscribers. 

School newsletters are archived below and can be downloaded from the school website and read at your convenience.

  2019 Term 1 Week 10

In this issue - From the Principal, Religious Education, School News, Upcoming Events, Drive Through, Enrolments, Reminders, Attendance, SRC Update, Learning Matters, Extra Curriculum, P&F News, Childrens Corner


  2019 Term 1 Week 8

In this issue - From the Principal, Religious Education, Upcoming Events for Term 1, State Election, Enrolments, School Fees, Attendance, Book Club, Premiers Reading Challenge, Japenese Exchange Student Program, SRC Update, Learning Matters, Year 3 Children's Corner

  2019 Term 1 Week 6

In this issue - From the Principal, Religious Education, School News, Children's Corner, Extra Curricular, P&F News, Community News

  2019 Term 1 Week 4 Newsletter

In this issue; From the Principal, PBS4L Update, Our Inquiry Project, Religious Education, Sacramental Program for 2019, School News, Learning Matters, Children's Corner, P&F News, Extra Curricular, Community News, Book Club LOOP

  2019 Term 1 Week 2 Newsletter

In this issue - Principal's Address, Religious Education, School News, Learning Matters, Children's Corner, P&F News, Community News

  2018 Term 4 Week 10

Farewell Message from the Acting Principal, Staffing 2019, PBS4L Update, MAI Interviews, Term Dates 2019, Principal Awards, SRC 2019, P&F AGM 2019, Manning Foundation Thank You, Music Bus.

  2018 Term 4 Week 8

Staffing Update, Manning Foundation Christmas Appeal Thank You, PBS4L Update, Diary Dates, Staff Development Day, School Zone Reminder, Student Attendance and Leave, 2019 Enrolments, 2019 Term Dates, Principal Awards, Swimming Carnival, 2019 Team Sport Trials, Executive Directors Summer Reading Challenge, SRC Update, Children's Corner Year 3, Second Hand Uniform Shop.

  2018 Term 4 Week 6

School Disco Thank You, Cybersafety Evening, PBS4L Update, Framework for the Work of Teachers, Manning Foundation Christmas Donations, Term 4 Diary Dates, Lebanese Meal Deal, SRC Update, Principal Awards, Learning Matters-Mathematics, Children's Corner Year 4.

  2018 Term 4 Week 4

World Teachers Day Thank You, Playground News, Parish Car Park, Mufti Day, Remembrance Day, Term Dates, ThinkUKnow Cybersafety Presentation, Kindergarten Orientation, Diocesan Mass, School Disco, Canteen Snack Day Thank You, Children's Corner Year 5, Community News.

  Term 4 Week 2

Staff Development Day, World Teachers Day, Playground Update, Safety, Multiplicative Thinking Skills, Education Mass, Year of Youth Art Competition winners, Mufti For Manning Foundation, Term 4 Diary Dates, NSW Primary Syllabus, School Fees, THINKUKNOW Cyber Safety Education Program, New Awnings, Kindergarten Orientation, Principal Awards, SRC Update, Supporting Positive Choices, Holiday Writing Competition, Children's Corner-Kindergarten, Canteen Snack Day.

  2018 Term 3 Week 10

Confirmation, NAPLAN Results, Literacy, Reconciliation and First Holy Communion Information Nights, Year of Youth Art Competition, Kindergarten 2019 Parent Information Evening, Staff Development Days, Diary Dates, Staffing Update, ThinkUKnow Cyber Safety Education Program, Father's Day Raffle, Principal Awards, 2018 Swimming Program, Mackillop Athletics, Writing Competition, Positive Choices, P & F News, Children's Corner Year 6, Around the Diocese.

  2018 Term 3 Week 8 Newsletter

2018 School Goals, Senses of Scripture, Kinder 2019 Parent Information Evening, Thank You Fiver for a Farmer, Year of Youth Art Competition, Staff Development Days, PRC, Principal Awards, Father's Day Stall and BBQ Thank You, 2018 Swimming Program, Netball Gala Day, Supporting Positive Choices, Learning Matters literacy, Children's Corner-Kindergarten, Around the Diocese.

  2018 Term 3 Week 6

PBS4L, Book Fair, Staffing Update, Support for farming Communities, Chickenpox, 2019 Enrolments, PRC 2018, School Dates, Voice of Youth, Naplan, Netball, Principal Awards, RE News, Father's Day Events, Diocesan Athletics Carnival, Learning Matters, Children's Corner Year 1, Around the Diocese.

  2018 Term 3 Week 4

Community of Learners, Communication, School Safety, School Events, Principal Awards, PRC 2018, Zone Athletics Carnival, RE News, Learning Matters, Children's Corner-Year 2, Father's Day Stall, Father's Day BBQ, Manning Foundation Thank You, Community News.

  2018 Term 3 Week 2

Principal's welcome message, School communication, Skoolbag App, Student arrival and dismissal, Staffing update, Principal Awards, Census Day, Book Club, Cuppa with the Principal, NSW PSSA Girls Football, 2018 PRC, Staff Professional Development in R.E., Maths and PBL, Canteen Hot Food Day, Manning Foundation collection, Around the Diocese.

  2018 Term 2 Week 10

Term 2 Achievements, Bon Voyage Mrs Gatt-Petrini, Baptism, School Photo Date, Attendance, Principal Awards, Mascot Search, Catholic Values Across the Curriculum, Children's Corner Year 4, School Band, PRC Update, Pizza Meal Thank You, Community News, Around the Diocese.

  2018 Term 2 Week 8

Mid Year Reports, First Holy Communion, School Dates, Play Equipment, Late Arrival Procedures, The Senses of Scripture, Athletics Carnival, Children's Corner Year 5, Stage 3 Boys Soccer Gala Day, NSW Cross Country Carnival, PRC Update, Pizza Meal Deal, Community News, Around the Diocese.

  2018 Term 2 Week 6

First Holy Communion, Athletics Carnival, Supervision, Play Equipment, Canberra Excursion,Principal Awards, Year of Youth Art Competition, Children's Corner Year 6, Stage 3 Girls Soccer Gala Day, PRC Update, P&F Canteen Thank You, Around the Diocese, Community News.

  2018 Term 2 Week 4

PBS4L, St Bernadette Award Recipients, Catholic Care Fundraiser, First Holy Communion Practice, Enrolments 2019, Winter Uniform, Health, Supervision, Play Equipment, Principal Awards, Skoolbag Update, Year 3 and Year 4 The Rocks Excursion, Children's Corner Kindergarten, Community Survey, PRC 2018, NSWCPS MacKillop Girls Football Team. Mother's Day Raffle Thank You, Second Hand Uniform Shop, Canteen Snack Day, School Banking, Woolworths Earn and Learn, Coles Sports for Schools, Around the Diocese, Mother's Group, Community News.

  2018 Term 2 Week 2

Mother's Day Activities, Mufti Day, Attendance, Excursions, Enrolments, NAPLAN, Play Equipment, Drive Through, School Uniform, Children's Corner Year 1, PBS4L, Diocesan Cross Country, NSWPSSA Swimming Carnival, Diocesan Football Trials, Easter Raffle, Mother's Day Stall, P&F Meeting, Around the Diocese, Mother's Group.

  2018 Term 1 Week 10

Holy Week RLA's, 2018 Term Dates, School Uniform, Enrolments 2019, Staff News, Gymnastics, Attendance, School Fees, Primary Reading Helpers, Holiday Reading, PBS4L, Principal Awards, Senses of Scripture, Children's Corner Year 2, NSWCPS Swimming Carnival, Rice Meal Deal Day, Coles Vouchers ending, 2nd Hand Uniforms, Mothers Group, School Zones, School Holiday Programs, Around the Diocese.

  2018 Term 1 Week 8

Catholic School Week and 60th Birthday, Easter Mass Times, Holy Week, Attendance, Term Dates, Staffing News, Staff Development Day, Enrolments 2019, Emergency Contact Numbers, Easter Raffle, Principal Awards, Learning Matters, Children's Corner-Year 3, ICAS, Premiers Reading Challenge 2018, Mothers Group, 2nd Hand Uniforms, Coles Sport for Schools, St Patricks Day Thank You, Around the Diocese, Community News.

  2018 Term 1 Week 6

Catholic Schools Week, Open Morning, St Bernadette's 60th Birthday, NSW School Holidays and Term Dates, Staff News, Safety on Drive Through, School Cross Country, Easter Raffle,Principal Awards, The Process of Writing, Children's Corner Year 4,Diocesan Swimming Carnival, Parent Class Contacts, 2nd Hand Uniforms, Around the Diocese, Community News.

  2018 Term 1 Week 4 Newsletter

School Goals, Project Compassion, NSW School Holidays and Term Dates, Catholic Schools Week, Open Morning, Attendance, Parking, Child Protection, Student Birthday Celebration, Food Allergy Awareness, Lost Property, BPay Biller Codes, SRC 2018, Principal Awards, Children's Corner-Year 5, Zone Swimming Carnival, Lunch Club, P&F Committee 2018, Parent Class Contacts, Around the Diocese, Community News.

  2018 Term 1 Week 2

Principal's Welcome, SRC Commissioning Mass, 2018 Sacramental Program, Legion of Mary, Parent Teacher Information Night, Whole School Assembly, Anaphylaxis, Drive Through Reminders, Updating Contact Details, Supervision, Play Equipment, School Newsletter, Skoolbag, Photos and Raffle Tickets, School Attendance, Staffing, Library Borrowing Days, Sport Days, School Uniform, Working With Children Check, Health Reminders, Children's Corner - Year 6 and Kinder Buddies, Safer Internet Day, Music Bus, Pikelet Day, P&F AGM, Coles Sports for Schools, Community News.

  2017 Term 4 Week 10

Liturgy and Christmas Mass Rosters, 2018 Dates, Principal's Award, SRC 2018, Perpetual Trophy, Second Hand Uniform Shop, Children's Corner-Kindergarten, Year 6 Graduation, Year 6 Dinner Dance, Around the Diocese, Executive Director's Summer Reading Challenge, E-Books, Manning Foundation Thank You, Community News, School Zone reminder.

  2017 Term 4 Week 6

Family Fun Day, Liturgy Roster, St Francis Awards, Sacrament of Reconciliation, Busking Afternoon, Term Dates, School Uniform, Annual Swimming Carnival, Principal's Award, Learning Matters-Multiplicative Thinking, Remembrance Day, P&F News, Around the Diocese, Community News.

  2017 Term 4 Week 4

School Attendance, All Saints and All Souls Day, Busking Afternoon, Principal's Award, CyberSafety, School Uniforms, Punctuality, Play Equipment, Children's Corner Year 3, School Disco Thank You, World Teachers Day Thank You, Family Picnic Day, Around the Diocese, Community News.

  2017 Term 4 Week 2

School Attendance, Mission Month, Diocesan Mission Mass, Busking Afternoon, Our Lady of Fatima Anniversary, Prayer for HSC Students, Sympathies, Baby Congratulations, Term Dates, Sport Days, Principal's Award, School Uniform, Dance Fever, Students Leaving, Kindergarten Transition Program, Safety,Children's Corner-Year 5, The Eggs, 2018 Team Sport Trials, School Disco, P&F Meeting, Family Fun Day, Around the Diocese, Community News.

  2017 Term 3 Week 10

Confirmation, Sacramental Program Dates, School Dates, Principal's Award, School Uniform, Attendance, Learning Matters-Mathspace Resource, Student EBooks, Holiday Reading, Children's Corner Year 6, Kidney Day, ICAS Update, Mackillop Athletics, Family Fun Day, 2nd Hand Uniform Shop, Holiday Outings, Around the Diocese, Community News.

  2017 Term 3 Week 8

Parent Education Evening, Liturgy Roster, RE News, Social Justice Event, Swimming Program Reminder, Principal's Award, Action Plan Meeting, Term Dates, Learning Matters-Ratio Tables, Children's Corner-Kindergarten, Captivate, Voice of Youth Semi Final, Father's Day Celebrations, Around the Diocese.

  2017 Term 3 Week 6

National Child Protection Week, RLA, World Day of Migrants and Refugees, Prayers for Julian, NAPLAN, Principal's Award, Father's Day Celebrations, Parent Education Evening, Learning Matters, Children's Corner Year 1, Netball Gala Day, Voice of Youth, PRC, School Movie Night Thank You, Woolies Earn and Learn Program, Around the Diocese, Community News, COSHC News.

  2017 Term 3 Week 4

Feast of St Mary Mackillop, Principal's Award, Voice of Youth, New School Website, New School Phone Number, Children's Corner Year 2, Zone Athletics Carnival, Multiplicative Thinking, CAPTIVATE, Woolies Earn and Learn, Lunch Club, Premier's Reading Challenge, Father's Day Events, School Movie Night, Thank You from the Manning Foundation, Around the Diocese, Community News.,

  2017 Term 3 Week 2

Children's Achievements, RLA, Happy Helpers, Attendance, Supervision, Uniform, Library and Sport Days, Principal's Award, Stage 3 Boys Soccer Gala Day, Children's Corner Year 3, Maths Problem Solving, ICAS Update, PRC 2017, P&F News.

  2017 Term 2 Week 8

Reports, Student Attendance, Holy Communion, Athletics Carnival, Principal's Award, Child Protection, PRC 2017, Children's Corner Year 5, Learning Matters, St Pat's Enrolments, Around the Diocese, Community News.

  2017 Term 2 Week 10

Athletics Carnival, Cumberland Zone, Representative Sport, Staffing News, Principal's Award, Premiers Reading Challenge, Children's Corner Year 3 & 4, Learning Matters, Stellar Performing Arts Academy, BBQ Breakfast for Lunch, School Holiday Events.

  2017 Term 2 Week 6

Pentecost Sunday, School Dates, Athletics Carnival, Funding, Excursions, Supervision, Writing with a Purpose, Children's Corner Year 6, Girls Soccer Gala Day, P&F News, Italian Meal Deal, Road Safety, Around the Diocese, Community News.

  2017 Term 2 Week 4

Our Lady of Fatima, Tebbutt Lodge, Children's Corner Kindergarten, The Writing Process, Year 1 and 2 Excursion, PRChallenge, Mothers' Day Thankyou, Italian Meal Deal, Car Park Safety, Around the Diocese.

  2017 Term 2 Week 2

St Bernadette Award, Anzac Day, Mothers' Day Celebrations, Raffle, Wrapping and Stall, School News, Winter Uniform, NAPLAN, P&F Meeting, Diocesan Cross Country, Children's Corner Year 1, Literacy Matters, Community News, Around the Diocese.

  2017 Term 1 Week 10

Easter Mass Times, RLA Viewing, ANZAC Day, Attendance, Enrolments, QCSurvey, School Terms and Hours, Uniform, Easter Raffle, Learning Matters, NSWCPS Swimming, PRChallenge, Gym Invitation, Mufti Day, Children's Corner Year 2, School Zones.

  2017 Term 1 Week 8

Attendance, School Hours & Terms, School Hours, School Photos, Enrolments, QCS, Learning Matters, Cross Country, Children's Corner Year 3, Summer Reading Challenge, Book Fair, Premier's Reading Challenge, Easter Raffle, School Banking.

  2017 Term 1 Week 6

Catholic Schools Week, Book Fair, Project Compassion, 2018 Kinder Enrolments, Attendance, Traffic Information, School Fees, Illness, Children's Writing, Children's Corner Year 4, Cross Country, Diocesan Swimming Carnival, P&F Committee, Pancake Day.

  2017 Term 1 Week 4

Attendance, Liturgy, Kindergarten 2018 Open Day, Catholic Schools Week, Diary Dates, Parking, Food Allergy Awareness, Birthday Celebration, Lost Property, Student Banking, Zone Swimming, Parent Reps, Children's Corner Year 5, Learning Matters.

  2017 Term 1 Week 2

Opening School Mass, Parent/Teacher Night, Library Borrowing, Sports Days, MAI, Anaphylaxis, Contact Details, Child Protection, School Attendance, 2017 Sport Trials, Children's Corner Year 6, Summer Uniform, P&F AGM, School Banking, Linda's Lunches.

  Term 4 Week 10 2016

Xmas Mass Times, SRC 2017, Staff Farewells, Reading Recovery, EMU, Premiers Reading Challenge, Children's Corner Year 1, eBooks, Summer Reading Challenge, Photos of Xmas Concert, Year 6 Dinner Dance.

  Term 4 Week 9 Update 2016

End of Year Concert, Mufti Day, Free Ice-creams at Lunch, Important Dates 2017, Staff 2017, Christmas Mass Times, eBooks, Library Books and Home Readers, Summer Reading Challenge, Fagan Park Photos, Around the Diocese.

  Term 4 Week 8 2016

Reconciliation, Advent,, Christmas Mass Times, Jarra Indigenous Awards, MAI, End of Year School Reports, Student Leave, Staffing News, Office News, Mufti Day, Dance Program Invitation, Year 2 Children's Corner. Summer Reading Challenge.

  Term 4 Week 7 Update 2016

Term 4 Dates, Early Years Assessments, Working Bee, School Reading Books, Swimming Carnival, Altar Servers, Choir & SRC Outing, Legion of Mary, School Banking, 2017 Parramatta Diocesan Team Sport Trials, Summer Reading Challenge, Around the Diocese.

  Term 4 Week 6 2016

Way of Mercy Celebrations, St Francis Award Recipients, Term 4 Dates, Children's Corner Year 3, Early Years Assessments, Enrolments 2017, Working Bee, Remembrance Day, Executive Director's Summer Reading Challenge, Legion of Mary, Around the Diocese.

  Term 4 Week 5 Update 2016

Enrolments 2017, School Uniform Socks, Parking, Mass Times, Happy Helpers, Way of Mercy, Term 4 Dates, Working Bee, Executive Director's Summer Reading Challenge, Community News, Around the Diocese.

  Term 4 Week 3 Update 2016

World Teachers Day, Trivia Night, Way of Mercy Celebrations, Busking Afternoon Photos, Term 4 Dates, Christmas Concert, Community News, Around the Diocese.

  Term 4 Week 2 2016

World Mission Month, Holy Rosary, way Of Mercy, Children's Corner Year 5, Busking Afternoon, Christmas Concert, Punctuality, School Uniform, Sport Days, Play Equipment, World Teachers' Day, Trivia Night, Linda's Lunches Menu, P&F Meeting.

  Term 4 Week 1 Update 2016

Basking Afternoon, Kindergarten Transition Program 2017, World Mission Month, Way of Mercy Celebrations, Prayer for HSC Students, Staffing News, Summer Uniform, P&F News, Around the Diocese.

  Term 3 Week 10 2016

Confirmation, Mercy Cross and Relics, Happy Helpers, ICAS, MacKillop Championships, School Uniform, Olympathon, Enrolments 2017, School Attendance, Models for Multiplication, Parent Holiday Outings, Parramatta City School Holiday Activities.

  Term 3 Week 9 Update 2016

Olympathon, School Attendance, Happy Helpers, School Fees, Sacramental Program, Meal Deal, Disco, Baby News, Term Dates, Extra Curriculum, Around the Diocese.

  Term 3 Week 8 2016

Father's Day BBQ, Mini Olympics, Father's Day Raffle, Spooky Disco, Saint Teresa, Happy Helpers, Children's Corner Kindergarten, Diocesan Athletics Carnival, St Pat's Sport, Kids Hack Day, School Banking, Mindquest.

  Term 3 Week 7 Update 2016

Father's Day Activities, Mini Olympics, Happy Helpers, School Disco, 2nd Hand Uniform Shop, NSW Premiers Reading Challenge, Voice Of Youth, Tebbutt Lodge, MindQuest, Parent Coffee Catch Up, Extra Curriculum, Around the Diocese.

  Term 3 Week 6 2016

Children's Attendance, Naplan results, Happy Helpers, Father's Day Activities and Raffle, Father's Day Wrapping and Stall, Mini Olympics, Maths Arrays, Netball Gala Day, Spooky Disco, Children's Corner Year 1, Around the Diocese.

  Term 3 Week 5 Update 2016

Sympathy News, Premier's Reading Challenge 2016, Father's Day, Netball Gala Day, Mini Olympics, Happy Helpers Reminder, Safety Alert, Skoolbag App, Canteen Snack Day, Birthday Celebrations, Extra Curriculum, Community News, Win an Ipad mini.

  Term 3 Week 4 2016

Feast of the Assumption, ACARA, Student Opal Card, Staffing News, Voice of Youth, Zone Athletics, Mathematics News, Student Achievement, Children's Corner Year 2, Mini Olympics, Happy Helpers, Skoolbag App.

  Term 3 Week 3 Update 2016

Save the Date, Mini Olympics, School Census, Happy Helpers, School Fee Notice, Premiers Reading Challenge 2016, School Calendar, Captivate 2016, School Banking, P&F Meeting, Pizza Lunch.

  Term 3 Week 2 2016

ICAS, Calmsley Hill, Cyber Parent Night, Book Club, School Calendar, School Uniform, Sport Days, Mathematics News, Commutative Law, Writing Competition, Save the Date, Children's Corner, School Banking, Linda's Lunches, Scrunchies.

  Term 3 Week 1 Update 2016

Parent Cyber Safety Education Evening, Mini Olympics, School Group Photos, School Calendar, School Banking, High Jump Diocesan Athletics, Words and Art Competition, OLMC Open Tour.

  Term 2 Week 10 2016

Parenting Educator, Social Justice Mufti Day, Staffing News, School Grounds, Annual Athletics Carnival, Whooping Cough, Reading Tips for the holidays, Children's Corner Year 4, Holiday Class Events , Election Day Cake Stall.

  Term 2 Week 9 Update 2016

2016 Athletics Carnival, Mufti Day 2016, School Banking, Child Protection, Cyberwise, 2016 Election Cake Stall, Around the Diocese.

  Term 2 Week 8 2016

2016 Reports, Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen, Athletics Carnival, First Holy Communion, Canberra Excursion, Child Protection, Reading Tips, Children's Corner Year 5, Boys Soccer Gala Day, NSWCPS Golf Tournament, Cake Stall at Federal Election.

  Term 2 Week 7 Update 2016

First Holy Communion 2016, Illness, School Fees, Representative Jerseys, School Hair Scrunchies, 2018 St Patrick's Marist College Enrolment, Federal Election, The Legion of Mary, Around the Diocese.

  Term 2 Week 6 2016

Radical Funding Freeze Proposal, First Holy Communion 2016, School Fees, Girls Soccer Gala Day 2016, Illness, Child Protection, Reading Tips, Skoolbag App, School Scrunchies, Children's Corner Year 6, St Pat's Enrolments, Around the Diocese.

  Term 2 Week 5 Update 2016

New Child Protection Forms, Winter Uniform, Playground Supervision, Skoolbag, Excursion Fees Payment, Linda's Lunches, School Banking, Healthy Morning Tea, Coffee Morning Catch Up.

  Term 1 Week 9 Update 2016

Easter Liturgy, St Bernadette's Easter Mass Times, End of Term Dates, Staff Development Day, Enrolments 2017, Parent Evening Workshop Mathematics, Gymnastics Invitation, Executive Director's Summer Reading Challenge, Premiers Reading Challenge 2016.

  Term 2 Week 4 2016

Behaviour Management, St Bernadette's Award, School Photos 2016, Enrolments 2017, World Youth Day Donation, Children's Corner Kindergarten, Reading Tips, Linda's Lunches, School Banking, Excursion Fees, Healthy Morning Tea, Around the Diocese.

  Term 2 Week 3 Update 2016

Mother's Day Thank You, Winter Uniform, School Photos, Enrolments 2017, Safety Alert, Attendance, Excursion Fees, Diocesan Cross Country 2016, Linda's Lunches, Walk Safely To School Day.

  Term 2 Week 2 2016

Mother's Day Celebrations, NAPLAN, Enrolments 2017, Children's Corner Year 1, New Play Equipment, Linda's Lunches, Mother's Day Stall Thank You, Ice Cream Day.

  Term 2 Week 1 Update 2016

Mother's Day Celebration, Enrolments 2017, Book Club Orders, St Bernadette's Feast Day, Winter Uniform, Library Borrowing, Drive Through Rules, Kindergarten Reading Night, Play Equipment.

  Term 1 Week 11 Update 2016

School Holidays, Uniforms, Liturgy, Enrolments 2017, QCS, Signing In, Holiday Outings, Extra Curriculum, Community News.

  Term 1 Week 10 2016

Easter Reflection, New Parent Sign In, New Syllabuses, QCS, Uniform, Enrolments 2017, Mathematics Parent Evening, Crunch & Sip, Mother's Day Mufti Day, Woolworths Earn & Learn, Children's Corner Year 2, Extra Curriculum.

  Term 1 Week 8 2016

Palm Sunday, Holy Week Liturgy, Sunday Scripture Preview, Children's Corner Year 3, Cross Country, Enrolments 2017, Parent Evening Workshop Mathematics, Premiers Reading Challenge 2016, School Fees, Whooping Cough, Catholic Schools Week Photos.

  Term 3 Week 6 2015

Feast of the Assumption, School Fees Due, Diocesan Athletics Carnival, Compulsory School Attendance, PRC, Children's Corner Year 1, CAPTIVATE, Extra Curriculum, Matilda the Musical, Parents Night Out, School Banking,

  Term 1 Week 7 Update 2016

Staff Development Day, End of Term and Beginning of Term 2 Dates, Kindy Green Morning Tea, Book Parade, Book Fair, Enrolments 2017, Cross Country, Easter Egg Raffle Tickets, Dorothy Mackellar Competition.

  Term 1 Week 6 2016

Catholic Schools Week, Book Fair, RE News, Staffing News, Enrolments 2017, Maths Workshop For Parents, Consent Forms, Diocesan Swimming Carnival, Cross Country, Children's Corner Year 4, Easter Egg Raffle Donations, Secondary Schools Open Days.

  Term 1 Week 5 2016

Catholic Schools Week, Book Fair, Book Character Parade, Cross Country, Car Park Safety, Uniform Reminders, Enrolments 2017, Crazy Hair Day, School Banking, Poetry Competition, Secondary Schools Open Days, Term 1 Fees.

  Term 1 Week 4 2016

Parent Information Evening, Lent, World Youth Day, P&F AGM Meeting, Crazy Hair Day, Safety Alert, Children's Corner Year 5, Zone Swimming Carnival, Recognition of Achievement, School Banking.

  Term 1 Week 3 Update 2016

Attendance, Absences, Liturgy,First Holy Communion Lesson Times, SRC 2016, Child Protection, School Fees, Birthdays.

  Term 1 Week 2 2016

Opening School Mass, Kindergarten 2016, Year of Mercy, Parent Teacher Information Night, Library Borrowing, Sport Days, Contact Details, Child Protection, Supervision, Pikelet Day, Safer Internet Day, 2nd Hand Uniforms, Team Sport Trials, School Bags

  Term 3 Week 10 2015

Confirmation, School Attendance, Mufti Day, Summer Uniform, Children's Corner Year 6, Recognition of Achievement, Linda's Lunches, Term 4 Dates, School Banking, Prayers for the Sick, Around the Diocese.

  Term 3 Week 8 2015

Attendance and Chronic Absence, Father's Day Breakfast, Children's Corner Kindergarten, Captivate 2015, Recognition of Achievement, School Website, Swimming Program, Linda's Lunches, MindQuest, Commonwealth School Banking Competition.

  Term 3 Week 7 Update 2015

Father's Day BBQ, Captivate, Liturgy, Happy Helpers Thank You, Recognition of Achievement, Linda's Lunches, Handball and Soccer Rules, Earn & Learn 2015, Father's Day Raffle.

  Term 3 Week 4 2015

Peer Review, Father Christopher's 25th Anniversary, Term 4 SDDay, Voice of Youth, Zone Athletics, Children's Corner Year 2, Captivate, Earn & Learn, Mathathon, School Uniform, P&F News, Matilda The Musical, Year 3 Parent Information.

  Term 3 Week 3 Update 2015

St Pat's Sport, Linda's Lunches, Staff Development Day, Father Christopher's 25th Anniversary, Parent Education Evening-Cybersmart, Morning Supervision, Woollies Earn & Learn, Math-a-thon, Premiers Reading Challenge 2015, School Banking, P&F News.

  Term 3 Week 1 Update 2015

Parent Education Evening Cybersafety, First Holy Communion Photos, Liturgy, Woolworths Earn & Learn 2015, Play Equipment Reminder, Math-a-thon.

  Term 3 Week 2 2015

ICAS-English, Book Club, Staff Development Day, School & Sport Uniforms, Math-a-thon, Playground Supervision, Children's Corner Year 3, Annual Athletics Carnival, CyberSmart Parent Evening, School Banking, Woolies Earn & Learn, P&F Dates.

  Term 2 Week 10

Term 2 Activities, First Holy Communion, Pupil Free Day, Athletics Carnival, Mathathon, Home Readers, Children's Corner Year 4, Recognition of Achievement, Confirmation, School Zones, Community News, Around the Diocese, Birthdays, Liturgy.

  Term 2 Week 9 Update

Athletics Carnival, Pupil Free Day, No Standing Zone, Illness, Absences, First Holy Communion, Liturgy, Confirmation Program, Mathathon in Term 3, Happy Birthdays, Around the Diocese.

  Term 2 Week 8 2015

Mid Year Reports A-E, First Holy Communion, Confirmation Program, Mathathon, Feast of the Sacred Heart, Children's Corner Year 6, Pyjama Movie Night, Subway Athletics, PRC, Around the Diocese.

  Term 2 Week 7 Update 2015

Drive Through Procedures, Liturgy, Athletics Subway Meal Deal, Important Term Dates, Birthdays, Captive Showcase.

  Term 2 Week 6 2015

Movie Night, Liturgy, RE News Pentecost, School Group Photos, Boys Soccer Gala Day, COSHC Enrolment for SDDay, Children's Corner Year 5, Healthy Morning Tea Thank You, St Pats Dundas Enrolment, Positive Parenting Course, Around the Diocese.

  Term 2 Week 5 Update 2015

St Bernadette Awards, DWF, COSHC SDDay, Healthy Canteen Snack Day, Enrolments 2016, Liturgy, Illness, St Patricks Marist College Enrolment, Walk Safely to School Day, Birth Congratulations, Birthday, All Write Now.

  Term 2 Week 4 2015

St Bernadette's Feast Day and Liturgy, Enrolments 2016, Mother's Day Activities, School Group Photos, Children's Corner- Kindergarten,, Subway, P&F News, Birth Congratulations, Captivate, Marist Bros Eastwood Market Day.

  Term 2 Week 3 Update 2015

Mother's Day Celebrations, NAPLAN 2015, Enrolments 2016, Winter School Uniform,Mother's Day Stall Thank You, Diocesan Cross Country Carnival, Drive Thru Reminder, Around The Diocese, Captivate Showcase, Parents Rep Council.

  Term 2 Week 2 2015

ANZAC Day Assembly, Mother's Day Events, Mother's Day Raffle, Mufti Day, First Holy Communion, Enrolments 2016, Children's Corner Year 1, Parent Information Evening, Uniform Reminder, ANZAC Day Artwork,P&F News.

  Term 2 Week 1 Update 2015

Subway Meal Deal, Parent Education Evening, ANZAC Assembly, Enrolments 2016, Liturgy, Feast of St Bernadette, Mother's Day Raffle, Library Borrowing Term 2, P&F News, Happy Birthday, Around the Diocese.

  Term 1 Week 10 2015

Holy Week, School Uniform, Easter Mass Times, Social Justice, Heritage Centre, Poppy Wall Project, Children's Corner Year 2, Enrolments 2016, Mindquest, P&F News, Birthdays.

  Term 1 Week 9 Update 2015

Mufti Day, Hot Cross Buns Morning Tea, Enrolments 2016, Easter Raffle, Swimming Championships, Representative Sport, Term 2 School Uniform, Premier's Reading Challenge, Executive Director's Reading Challenge, Extra Curriculum.

  Term 1 Week 8 2015

Catholic Schools Week, St Patrick, Enrolments 2016, School Photos, Easter Raffle, Teacher Professional Learning & Leave Entitlements, Premiers Reading Challenge, Children's Corner Year 3, Upcoming Election News, Green Morning Tea Thank You.

  Term 1 Week 7 Update 2015

Book Fair, Easter Raffle, St Patrick's Day Green Morning Tea, School Photos, Liturgy Roster, Communication, Parish Car Parking, Enrolments 2016, CSW Video Competition, Premiers Reading Challenge, Birthdays, Around the Diocese.

  Term 1 Week 6 2015

School Goals, Catholic Schools Week 2015, Book Fair, Open Day, Lent, Quality Catholic Schooling Survey, Children's Corner Year 4, Diocesan Swimming Carnival, Drive Through Rules, P&F News, CSW Video Competition, Captivate Dance,Term 1 School Fees.

  Term 1 Week 5 Update 2015

Catholic Schools Week 2015, Competition, Liturgy, Book Fair, COSHC, P&F News, School Absences, Student Medical Information, School Fees, Extra Curriculum, Around the Diocese, Birthdays.

  Term 1 Week 4 2015

Catholic Schools Week, Lent, Safety Alert, Our School Motto and Logo, Children's Corner Year 5, Zone Swimming Carnival, Child Protection, School Fees, Crunch & Sip, Parent Consent Forms reminders, Birthdays,