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Our school logo, with the Franciscan Tau Cross, places Christ at the centre of all that we do here at St Bernadette’s, Dundas Valley.

The water represents St Bernadette, our patron saint, who centred her life on Christ, and who had a deep faith and simplicity, as well as great trust in Christ’s help at her most difficult times. The blue and gold represent Our Lady who appeared to St Bernadette and invited her to ‘come to the water ’and pray for sinners.  Blue is also the colour of our founding order, the Good Samaritan Sisters who also have prayer at the centre of their ministry and who worked tirelessly under great difficulty in the early years, to lay the foundations that made St Bernadette’s Primary the great school it is today.

As we are now a Franciscan community, we have taken the true expression of St Francis - the Tau Cross. The Tau represents Christ’s Cross. Pope Innocent III, at the Fourth Lateran Council in 1215, encouraged his people to be ‘champions of the Tau’. St Francis took up this challenge and made it his own symbol and had great devotion to it for the rest of his life.

The shell, on which Francis carved the Tau Cross, was used in ancient times to hold water and food for the weary traveller. At St Bernadette’s, Dundas Valley, we welcome all members of our community in a spirit of true inclusion, peace and harmony.

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