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Parents and Friends Association

Our school has a voluntary parent-run organisation. Parents play a vital role through the Parents and Friends Association (P&F). The P&F Association provide valuable funds for the school and nurture our community through social events. All parents are encouraged to be part of the policy-making processes within the school.

The members of the P&F come together each term. They pray before the beginning of each meeting and then discuss ways to raise funds for resources and equipment for our school. They also organise functions to enable parents to meet in a social atmosphere.

The money paid as school fees is insufficient to supply the school with the extra equipment and teaching aids that are really essential to your children's complete education.

Funds are raised to purchase such items as literature, technology, mathematics, science and music equipment, classroom furniture, sports equipment, etc. and many more such items.

Your involvement in this group is extremely welcome and also a great deal of fun. By being part of the group, you not only get the chance to meet and get to know the staff and other parents, you become involved in the running of the school and also gain a great sense of personal achievement.

The parents and friends meetings are called by notification in the school newsletter or by a special note home. Please come along to these meetings, we need you and your ideas. Everyone is always welcome.


Parents and Friends Association

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