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School History

St Bernadette’s school was opened in 1958 by the Good Samaritan sisters. Since 1972, St Bernadette’s has had a lay Principal. St Bernadette’s church was also part of the school buildings until 1965 when the new church and presbytery were built. The old presbytery then became part of the school. More buildings were added as the school grew, with some of the buildings being built by the parents.

In 1987–88 a Commonwealth grant was received which allowed for the painting and renovation of buildings, addition of verandahs, re-location of the administration block and landscaping of the grounds.

In 1988, the school received a donation of solar power installation from Integral Energy. This had been won by a past parent of the school who had decided to donate the prize to St Bernadette’s. This has meant a reduction in the cost of electricity to the school, as well as allowing the school to participate in a solar power experiment to care for the environment. A special ceremony to celebrate this occasion was organised by Integral Energy. A commemoration plaque can be found on the front school building.

In 1999, the school received a refurbishment grant from the Catholic Education Office. Work commenced early 2000 and this resulted in the refurbishment of five classrooms, the provision of a literacy support room, a special education room, technology room, new library, librarian work room and teacher resource room.

In 2008, the administration and library blocks were changed to meet the requirements of the new Child Protection Legislation and to increase security for the office staff.

In 2010, with the Federal Government Building Education Revolution, St Bernadette's was able to build a state-of-the-art flexible learning space to meet the educational needs of the children in a 21st century learning environment.

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