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School Profile

St Bernadette’s is a single stream co-educational school catering for boys and girls in Kindergarten to Year 6.  At present there is an enrolment of 208 children from 139 families, in nine classes.

Our school caters for a mixed socio-economic area and is mindful of the variety of needs and personal burdens placed on families. We endeavour to support and address these needs through programming, our social justice focus and organisational structures.

St Bernadette’s provides a caring and nurturing atmosphere in which to educate children in Christian values in the Catholic tradition. The school strives to value each child as an individual, and to develop in them a sense of responsibility, so that they may live out the Gospel in co-operation with others and accept each other in a spirit of love, forgiveness, justice and peace. An emphasis is placed on the respect and dignity of each child.

Living the Gospel

Every day there is evidence of children and staff living the Gospel values of justice, co-operation, hope, and compassion. These values are integrated into all aspects of school life. There is mutual respect between staff and children. It is evident that the staff demonstrates a commitment to the wellbeing of students, and demonstrates sensitivity to the individual needs of the children. They are dedicated to providing Christian witness and in promoting the concept of Christian community. Staff are seen by the parents to be welcoming and accessible.

The school has established a climate which will enable us to work towards fulfilling our Mission Statement of coming together as a learning community to nurture each person in a respectful atmosphere centred on the love of Christ.

Outreach Programs

The children are involved in a number of outreach programs, including Project Compassion, the Manning Foundation, the Children’s Hospital at Westmead and Camp Quality. As well as this involvement, there is a concerted effort to raise children’s understanding of many social justice issues and to encourage action.

Working together as a community

The Parish Priest, Principal, staff and parents work together to develop the faith community, and as a result, the relationship between the school and the broader parish community is positive.

There is a whole school Mass at the beginning and end of each year, and every First Friday. Planning with the Parish Priest is done at the class teacher’s request and children are involved in planning the liturgy. Children from Years 2-6 are involved in the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation during the year.

The Franciscan Brothers look after the Altar Server opportunities for the children.

Well-behaved students

The Student Management Policy draws on the work of Glasser and Dreikers and is based on sound theory. Restorative practice enhances our program. Mutual respect, self-discipline and responsibility are encouraged. There is a focus on problem-solving, helping children to understand the consequences of their behaviour and developing strategies to cope in the future. This philosophy is shared by all members of staff.

Sound structures are in place to deal with disruptive behaviour. These structures are sensitive to the self-esteem of children and the retention of the dignity of each child. Valuing each child is of utmost importance to us.

Protective Behaviours Program runs each year with the whole school taking part.

Buddies Program is most effective.  Year 6 Students are peer support friends to the Kindergarten children.

The Student Representative Council
represents the children and is involved in many worthwhile activities. They meet fortnightly under the supervision of the Assistant Principal and discuss issues that they see could improve St Bernadette’s.

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