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Located in a residential area of Dundas Valley, St Bernadette’s provides its students with a leafy, tranquil setting. Since 2000, all buildings have been extensively renovated and all general learning areas are air-conditioned to maximise student comfort.

Refurbishments have provided a space for the library and dedicated learning support room. The library is a valuable resource centre, not only for students but for the school community as a whole. It has a collection of relevant resources for children and teachers.

In order to prepare our students to think and respond effectively to the challenges of a rapidly changing world, we utilise the latest technological tools in our classrooms. Access to email, the internet and intranet, enables our students to explore thousands of libraries, databases, museums, and other areas of information, and to exchange personal communication with other internet users around the world. Computer access is always supervised and technology is used only in a constructive manner and to achieve educational outcomes.


Learning at St Bernadette's

Open Air Cinema 2015
Open Air Cinema 2015
95 Items
CAPTIVATE Choir Concert
CAPTIVATE Choir Concert September 2015
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CAPTIVATE School Rehearsal
CAPTIVATE School Rehearsal September 2015
47 Items
Father's Day Open Classrooms
Father's Day Open Classrooms September 2015
22 Items
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Hidden UpdatePanel, which is used to help with saving state when minimizing, moving and closing docks. This way the docks state is saved faster (no need to update the docking zones).